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A Note From J Bennett: When determining how I was going to write about the angels, it seemed natural to write from Tarren’s perspective, since he is the team “scientist” along with Lo. However, I apologize in advance. As with everything, Tarren takes his responsibility to capture data on the angels extremely seriously and endeavors to record the facts he observes in a scientific and non-emotional manner. In other words, it’s a really dry read. Sorry, but that’s how Tarren rolls.

If you want something a little more exciting, read about how Maya explains auras or Gabe’s take on his parents and his sister Tammy.


Anatomy of Angels

A Selected Compilation of Observations by Tarren Fox


“Angels”, as they call themselves, have no relation to the celestial beings recorded in religious doctrine. They are not otherworldly, immortal or beholden to any deity. For all their physical and mental enhancements and the additional abilities they manifest, angels are merely humans who have undergone a profound restructuring of their genetic material. This restructuring has resulted in exceptional increases in the efficiencies of their senses, reflexes, muscle mass, memory and metabolism of energy. It has also granted them access to special capabilities which I believe are inherent, though not accessible, in all humans.

Physical Enhancements

An angel’s body is genetically restructured to maximize energy absorption and metabolization, resulting in exceptional physical enhancements, including a massive increase in physical strength, stamina, flexibility and most other physical skills. Angels also demonstrate hyper-kinetic awareness and are able to perform acts of brute power and uncommon grace with equal ease.

Angels have been observed to withstand and recover from significant physical abuse in a manner that far exceeds the capabilities of regular humans. They have also been noted to exhibit rapid healing.

The exact quantifiable enhancements of “Angels” seem to vary from subject to subject, with certain angels demonstrating strength, speed and agility far above and beyond others. It is also my belief and direct observation of M that physical capabilities can be enhanced to a significant degree with the application of practice just as in any other species.

While M is only a hybrid angel who claims to have received a single injection of the change compound (bone marrow from Angel G), her physical results are informative.

Thorough testing has shown that untrained, her strength, speed, stamina and agility are all roughly threefold what would be considered normal for a healthy woman of her age and height. She also recovers rapidly from punishing physical trials, and her endurance and strength capacities have shown additional dramatic improvement with training.

Sensory Enhancements

Angels also manifest extremely keen senses. Again, using M as a basic model, I have determined that her vision, hearing and sense of smell all greatly exceed that of a regular woman her age.  She also seems able to pick up octaves outside the range of normal human capacity.

M has demonstrated  an improving capacity to manage the increased sensitivity of her senses.

Emotional Awareness/Energy Tracking

M has confirmed a long-standing hypothesis that angels possess a hypersensitive awareness of the radiant energies of all the living things around them.  It is my personal belief that angels are able to visualize energy in some manifestation that betrays the emotional state of the individuals they are observing.

The exact details of this ability are far from understood, and M has proven reticent to speaking on the topic.


Angels are unable to orally consume and digest nutrients  in any form (plant, animal tissue, etc…). Autopsies on angel cadavers have revealed that while the stomach and intestines (both large and small) are still present, they are much reduced in size and seem unable to function in their normal capacity. Instead, all angel cadavers have possessed extremely enlarged livers, which L and I believe plays a key role in processing the energy that angels absorb directly from living hosts.

Angels feed directly on living creatures by absorbing the victim’s active and latent energy stores until the victim expires from heart failure.  Despite years of research by myself and L, much of this process remains a mystery.

The angel possesses a feeding mechanism in the palm of each hand that sits below the surface of the skin. When hungry or in proximity to an energy source, the skin of the palms will roll back, and a feeding mechanism will enlarge and lift up from the palm accompanied by a luminescent glow beneath the skin of the hands.

This mechanism will somehow attach to a victim, and the energy draining will commence. Observation has shown that angels may connect to a human anywhere on the victim’s body, even over clothing, though the angel’s palm must be bear for the feeding to occur.

In one particularly disturbing case, an angel demonstrated the ability to drain a victim without physical contact, though I believe this case to be an anomaly.

The majority of observed angels have consistently displayed precious little control over their hunger and will attack without mercy or regard for the lives they are taking. This is not always the case. Certain angels have demonstrated uncommon control, and the differentiating factors seem to be primarily age and the application of practice in controlling the bestial urges.

Observing M’s struggles to maintain control over her hunger has been both enlightening and challenging to endure.

Angels who have fed from a large source of energy (almost always a human victim) will radiate a dim glow beneath their skin for up to an hour after feeding.

All observed angels have chosen to feed exclusively on humans, with the sole exception of M who is regularly monitored and kept in a controlled environment as much as possible. A hypothesis that I have been unable to prove is that angels are especially drawn to feed on humans rather than other sentient beings. M has chosen not to be enlightening on this matter.

The amount an angel feeds seems to vary from individual to individual, though my rough estimate is that the average angel feeds on a human every two to three days.


Perhaps the most mysterious and dangerous facet of the angels is their manifestation of particular abilities above and beyond the general physical and mental enhancements they demonstrate. These abilities range, and I am as yet, unsure of how they are triggered and why any particular angel manifests any one particular ability.

As it is known that there are two separate ways to infect and transform a human into an angel (the original formula and three bone marrow injections from an existing angel), it is my observation that those angels who were changed using the formula seem to demonstrate multiple abilities, while the more common angels changed through bone marrow injection manifest one a single ability each.

In no particular order, some of the more common abilities that have been observed are:

  • General telekinesis
  • Fire generation
  • Pattern and color shifting of skin
  • Projection of extreme heat or cold
  • Extreme strength
  • Extreme speed
  • Creation of concussive force
  • Mental abilities that can impair the senses and thought process of enemies
  • The projection of phantom limbs
  • Some elemental control
  • Flight
  • Generation of light


The first angels were created using a chemical formula devised by Dr. Gary Cook with the assistance of Canton Fox. The formula was destroyed, but Grand Thane later discovered a way to create new angels through the injection of bone marrow from an existing angel into the spinal cord.

It is currently unknown how the injection of bone marrow is able to ignite such a profound change in the human body; however, scientific studies have shown that bone marrow is one of the few places within the human body where stem cells exist, and L and I believe this is a strong contributing factor.

We have observed a high rate of mortality for those who undergo the change. Exact numbers are unavailable, but I believe roughly 20 – 40% of all humans who receive the bone marrow injections do not survive the transformation.

All observations seem to indicate that male and female angels are unable to procreate, though this fact cannot be confirmed. It is confirmed that male angels are able to impregnate female humans. In the one case that I am aware of, the resulting offspring was born human. It may be theoretically possible for a male human to impregnate a female angel, but the physiologic realities of a female angel’s body would seemingly make it impossible for her to carry a normal pregnancy to term.

Other Facts

Angels give off a small amount of radiation that can be tracked as a useful means of identifying whether or not an angel has been within a certain vicinity. It is still unclear why this occurs, though it is known that radiation played a large role in Dr. Cook’s original formula.

Angels seem to be much more resistant to heat and cold than regular humans and, as far as I can observe M, do not contract human diseases.

According to M, female angels to still menstruate.

Angels require much more water than humans, though the reason behind this is unknown.

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